Effective August Drill. If Calling   Off From Drill You Must Speak   To An Officer Or Be Counted As   An Unexcused Absence

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 In most cases if you have   plans on staffing RT or POLA   in Iowa, you are required to   have attended RT and POLA   in Iowa.

 Stay current on your course work

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 As a reminder, if you  recruit 3 new cadets,  you    get an advanced  training paid for also  you earn a  recruiting  ribbon for each new  recruit you refer  who  joins


​​​   BATTLESHIP MISSOURI                    DIVISION     

Dress blue Inspection on Sunday

​ If you have any previous sew on  rank, ribbon bars or uniform pieces  not being used  would you please  return it to  the  command. 

 BMR Needs To Be Completed